Dear Dave

Friday 21 March 2008

Thoughts for Good Friday

I saw the universe in a cup of coffee, reflected light twinkling in the swirling black. I wondered at the vastness of creation and the care with which it was made.

I felt warm and comforted.

I saw beauty in a cherry tree, a canopy of blossom rippling in the breeze. I marvelled at the complexity of life and smiled at the sunshine on my face.

I felt warm and comforted.

I saw your glory in a stormy sky, power and provision swirling together in the wind and rain. I looked out my window and knew the safety of your protection.

I felt warm and comforted.

But it could not last...

I was in a forest, rough bark scraping at my fingers as I fought my way through the clinging darkness. I stumbled into a clearing and peered up to find the heavens wide and still, a thousand stars staring down at me from a void which went on forever.

And I was cold and terrified.

Then I remembered the tears you shed at the death of a friend.
I remembered the uncertainty which gripped you as you waited to be betrayed.
And I remembered the hard wood onto which you were nailed.

I remembered the coffee and the cherry tree and the rain against my window.
I remembered all that I am and all that I have been.

And I was still cold and frightened...
But I knew that I was not alone.

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