Dear Dave

Friday 19 December 2008

Housedad history

Dear Dave,

That's a good question. Have there been any famous housedads?

Well, it's a little known secret that there have been quite a few. Most, however, have tended to hide their family situation from employers and public alike in order to avoid potential discrimination and social stigma. You have to dig quite hard to learn the truth.

Here are the celebrity housedads I've been able to uncover so far:

Pictures of famous housedads - Neil Armstrong, Abe Lincoln, Henry V, Geoff Hurst, one of the three wise men and Genghis Khan.
Oh, and that's not including the fictional ones:

Pictures of fictional housedads - Indiana Jones, Neo and Darth Vader.
So, you see, we're not entirely unique. There really are plenty of other housedads out there.

Erm... Possibly...

Yours in a woman's world,



Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Much too much time on your hands this week?

Mockingbird said...

oh lordy......if I can stop giggling long enough to type this.... hehehehe.... oh darn it!

DadsDinner said...

Actually, less time than normal. This was quicker than writing something and I could half-watch Top Gear at the same time. :-)