Dear Dave

Tuesday 17 May 2011

DadsDinner lives! (In miniature...)

Dear other Daves and non-Daves,

Hope you've had a great year. I've been busy teaching physics at adult evening classes, pondering the nature of life after toddlers and, in rare moments of peace and solitude, communing with my Xbox. I'm still not sure who I am or where I'm going but at least the physics thing has allowed me to share my confusion with some other people along the way (and practice my evil scientist/parent laugh. MWAH-ha-HA!).

Sadly, I don't have time to start blogging again properly. However, just to let those of you who are still signed up to the feed know, DadsDinner is now on Twitter. That's right! The same encouragement, wry humour, reviews and child-related madness but in bite-sized chunks of 140 characters or less. Sign up here:

Follow DadsDinner on Twitter

If you're not on Twitter and can't be bothered to join, don't worry - there's a handy round-up of the best bits just over there -------->

Alternatively, it's in a more readable format on the DadsDinner Homepage. If you check back once a week, you won't miss much.

Also, in recognition of this occasion, I've been giving the website a little spring clean to make everything easier to find and thus you may notice a small flurry of activity over the next day or two. Best bits so far include previous/next buttons at the bottom of each blog post and a much friendlier archive system which should make locating fun reviews and reading Dear Dave in chronological order much less hassle. There's never been a better time to revisit the lives of Ed, Rob, Useless Dad, Scary Karen, Super~Mum, Ned the teenager and the GrandParent 0f Doom.

Then again, if you don't have time for that, did I mention Twitter?

All the best,


PS If you do sign up for Twitter and manage to convince 15,000 other people to do the same, I'll be filled with well-being, warmth and generosity, and bring back Dear Dave. How's that for a deal?

/Snickers to self and watches tumbleweed roll by, safe in the knowledge he'll never have to blog properly again...

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