Dear Dave

Wednesday 3 September 2008

One down...

Dear Dave,

I hadn't taken that in at all.


Even now, I can't entirely believe it but I guess it must be true. After all, you should know.

Sam's starting school?! Today!?!?

I really thought he had another year of nursery. I'd forgotten the cut-off date is different in England. The end of February is the dividing line here in the Scotland, rather than the beginning of September. Lewis' birthday is in March so he was five and a half before he started Primary 1. Sam's only just turned four! That seems awfully young...

Still, hey, you've got one to school! He probably looks really cute in his little uniform and they'll be gentle with him to begin with. It won't be much different from nursery initially, except you'll actually have to get him there on time. It's in a few weeks, when he has to go for the full day, that it will hit you both. He'll become grumpy as he grasps quite how much of his life school is going to consume for countless years. (Then they'll teach him to count those years and he'll simply go into shock.) You, meanwhile, might get a little peace (if you can time Daisy's naps right).

You'll wander the house, wondering what you should be doing without a small child demanding your attention. Obviously you should be sitting down with a cup of coffee but it may take several days to come to terms with that. Having only one child to look after will seem like a bizarre luxury. Even though caring for Sam when he was small took all your time, looking after Daisy will feel like you're slacking now that your skills have been honed.

Try to enjoy it rather than feeling guilty. Grab a break when you can. Kids are great but they're hard work. It's been a long slog getting this far and it's still over two years before Daisy starts nursery and you get a regular opportunity to relax.

The end of being on call 24/7 is a step closer, however.


Have you considered having any more?

I'll let you ponder that one for a couple of days. (You're probably too busy gibbering to read anything else I have to say on the matter anyway.)

Yours in a woman's world,


PS Don't get too used to Sam being at school, by the way. He might only be in for a two hour introductory session today but that should be plenty long enough for him to acquire three colds and a stomach bug. He'll be sneezing his lunch all over you by the middle of next week.

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