Dear Dave

Friday 29 June 2007


Dear Dave,

I think I may have mentioned before how I seem to get more credit from mums than they give themselves. I only do the things they do but managing to do them despite being a man makes me special. You probably get the same. It's hard to know whether to be flattered or offended... We're not special, though, we're just unusual.

Still, if I'm going to be treated like a hero, I might as well dream. If I really were SuperDad, these would be my special abilities:

The abilities of SuperDad.

How about you?

Yours in a woman's world,



Anonymous said...

I can see it now! Latest Holyrood Blockbuster! SuperED as SuperDad! I'll be your arch enemy The Evil Padulinka,who constantly winds the kids up,teaches them to dive like an Italian defender,and weans them off nature food and onto sugar/lard/salt/plastic based kiddies' snacks.

When Lauren was first born,I was in a shopping queue with all the usual baby stuff in abundance,scraggly hair and bloodshot eyes through lack of sleep,etc. The checkout woman started giving me advice which I knew she swouldn't have given another woman. Just assuming that because I was a man I needed her advice. I did not control myself on this occasion and started telling her how to work the till with so much biting sarcasm that I expect I dribbled blood.

At a simliar era but different day,another woman became really condescending towards me,the way I probably was when I met my first gay waiter as a teenager. Making sure that everyone realised that he was perfectly capable of doing the same job ''just as good as anyone else''.

So which would I prefer? How about just acceptance? People deserve kudos for doing their job successfully and for doing it endlessly. Whatever the job,whatever the social group,whatever the stereotype.

Yours in an aardvark's world,


DadsDinner said...

I laugh in the face of your lard-based childrens' snacks, Padulinka!

I gave Sproglette three chocolate brownies myself yesterday and then watched her bounce around in circles...

Anonymous said...

**Ghasp!** There's lard in chocolate brownies?